Welcome! Congrats on making the first step on an amazing journey.  The BEginners Course  welcomes and embraces the newness of yoga  by giving new students a supportive and encouraging atmosphere paired with in-depth instruction. Our teacher is certified and registered with the Yoga Alliance, places high importance on continuing education and has an extensive background in teaching yoga to beginners.

This 4 week semi-private covers new material each week and builds from one class to the next. Each cohort moves through the course together building a sense of community and camaraderie. No drop-ins please. Includes:

  • Learn how to do basic poses to gain flexibility, strength, and balance
  • Get personalized assistance so you know you’re doing the poses correctly and safely
  • Learn how to breathe optimally
  • Feel prepared and confident to join a class
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BEginner Private Sessions (one-on-one)

What’s better than an beginner class? Private sessions where the instructor focuses 100% of their attention on you. BEginner private sessions visit the most common postures to prepare you for a public class. You’ll learn customized alignment for your body, how to use props for support, and how to breathe to best support your body. By the end you’ll feel confident and eager to attend a  group classes. Choose from one of the following packages. Packages without a mat are also available. Contact us for more info.

4 private lessons $300

8 private lessons  $560

12 private lessons   $780

Add a premium yoga mat, block(s), and strap for a full home setup!

Separate pricing for couples.


Private sessions have a 90 day expiration. Staying on track is essential to building a thriving practice.

Call 541-659-7646 to set up your private sessions today!