Private Yoga


Yoga isn’t one-size-fits-all.

We all have different schedules, bodies, health considerations, etc and we all have different reasons for practicing yoga. Some people use yoga as a means of fitness and others for relaxation. Whatever your reason we can meet one-one-one to design a practice that fits for you. Each session will incorporate pranayama (breathwork), asana (physical poses), mediation, mantra development, along with other health & healing modalities- your choice!

Your first session will include a movement analysis, discussion of your strengths and challenges, and a personalized action plan. From there we will build onto each session moving you toward your goals. Private sessions provide a space where 100% of the focus is on you and allows ample time for questions and fine tuning.




1 session: $85

4 sessions: $300

8 sessions: $560

12 sessions: $780

Couples (2 people)

1 session: $100

4 sessions : $360

8 sessions : $680

12 sessions: $960

Small Group Work (3-6 people)

$100 per session

Groups over 6 people please call 541-659-7646 to discuss rates.

Add a premium yoga mat, block(s), and strap for a full home setup!



Packages (1hr)

Intro to Yoga

New to yoga? This is the perfect package for you. Intro to Yoga visits the most common postures to prepare you for a public class. You’ll learn customized alignment for your body, how to use props for support, and how to breathe. At the end of this package you’ll feel confident about attending one of our  group classes. We have special a special offer for newcomers!

Soften, Relax, Release

Are you in a state of profound transition or transformation? Experiencing high levels of stress? Struggling with surrendering something that isn’t serving you? In these sessions we dig deep to uncover, discover, and discard old patterns of stuckness (samskaras) using many modes of healing including breathwork, meditation, yoga, and mantra development.

Yogi Tune-up

Aimed towards students who have a regular practice that they would like to build on. Self-discipline (tapas) is essential for this package as it will be important to practice at home or in group classes.


Build a personalized practice using individual and partner assisted yoga poses that you can practice in and outside of the studio.

Build your own!

The sky is the limit! Contact us for a free phone consultation to build the perfect package for you.

All private packages have a 90 day expiration. Staying on track is essential to building a thriving yoga practice.