Yogi Scholarship Program

Contribute to our scholarship fund.

At BE Yoga we believe that:

  • Yoga teaches fundamental life skills.
  • These life skills transform our mental and physical health.
  • These life skills make us better individuals, family members, and community members.
  • All members of our community deserve access to the life-enhancing practices of yoga.
  • All members of our community have something to teach us about life, human suffering, and human potential.
  • When community is created, healing happens, for it re-knits our experience of belonging.

Unfortunately, there are people who don’t have the financial means to attend a class. If you’d like to make a donation to help someone in need please contact Sadie at 541-659-7646 or beyogagp@gmail.com.  We will match 25% of your donation.

Apply for a scholarship.

We provide scholarships for people living on disability, facing household budget challenges, or living on a fixed income.

Our scholarship program is funded by the generosity of our donors and supported by our community of yogis. Without the support of our community, we would not be able to offer scholarships.

If  you’re in need of a  scholarship, please fill out an application.

BE Yoga Scholarship application

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