Mission & Vision


We’re a community-minded yoga studio that aims to share the benefits of yoga with a diverse set of community members. We strive to serve mental health agencies, schools, shelters, hospitals, recovery centers, corrections, and the general public alike.  All levels and walks of life are welcome and wanted.

Sadie (center) and some of the crew.


BE Yoga was founded on the knowledge that yoga is more than physical exercise.  The philosophical practices of yoga help to relieve the common emotional, mental, and physical pains of being human.

Our vision is aligned with that of the DAYA Foundation in Portland, Oregon where owner, Sadie Barr, was trained. We aim to:

  • Share yoga with those challenged by the financial constraints by implementing a yogi scholarship program.
  • Share yoga with institutions, centers, and public service agencies. We partner with organizations to deliver these services to their community members. We’re particularly interested in those agencies that support the vulnerable, marginalized, isolated, or under-served members of our community.
  • Share yoga with those struggling with addiction, anxiety, or depression.