Our Teachers

Finding a teacher you connect with is an important aspect of a thriving yoga practice. We encourage you to shop around and get a sense for who you resonate with.

Sadie Barr, Owner & Yoga Teacher

I completed Sarahjoy Marsh’s Yoga & Social Justice program-  trauma informed yoga focused on teaching to underserved populations- in Portland, Oregon  in 2014. I’ve since completed a wide array of yoga certifications including The Yoga of 12-Step Recovery (Y12SR) with Nikki Myers, Therapeutic Wisdom of Yoga with Doug Keller, Yoga for Depression with Gary Kraftsow, and Yoga Philosophy with Judith Lassater.

As the founder of the first Y12SR  class in Grants Pass and a person who has come out the other side of a long battle with addiction,  I’m significantly aware of the benefits that yoga offers to the success of one’s recovery. My personal story lends itself to a unique compassion for those still suffering. I was an at-risk youth on probation who lived on the streets and faced all of the adversity that comes with that lifestyle.  I dropped out of high school and became a single parent at the age of 18. Against all odds, with the support of my family, probation officer, counselors, yoga, and various helping agencies I came out the other side. I now hold a Bachelors degree in Human Services, a Peer Support Certification, and am an entrepreneur. I’m humbled beyond belief at the life I have today and am eager to encourage and empower others to awaken to their own joy within.

Liz Larson, Breathwork & Qigong

I began studying and practicing Breathwork fifteen years ago to combat degenerative lung disease. I quickly gained a passion for the energy, grace, and power I found in breathing exercises. Throughout the years I have sought out new methods in every corner of bookstores, videos, classes, and workshops only to find more amazing uses for this gentle work. I began combining these modalities with every other practice I learned and used.

 In the past, yoga was beyond my limitations with the lung discomfort I experienced. When I found Sadie’s Gentle Hatha class I learned how to pair a very deep breathing method with the movement and make yoga a new tool in my tool box.While my breathing sounded strange to my class mates it worked for me! Yoga also became a new love!

I am an Certified NLP Master PractitionerCommunications Coach, and Cake Connoisseur. Find more information about  my coaching services at my website, transformoneidea.com and free cake decorating videos on my youtube channel.

Clair Highfield, Yoga Teacher

I am a Yoga Instructor, Event Coordinator and Co-Founder the Josephine County’s Annual International Yoga Day Celebration and Fundraiser. The International Yoga Day Celebration was created to bring people together to practice yoga and inspire action in our community.

The style’s of yoga I teach vary from healing to  Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin. I am most excited about mind body centering and the capacity for yoga to address real world problems like climate change and deforestation. I have been practicing since 2003 and teaching since 2014. I’m a 500RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) with over 600 hours of formal training. I hope you will join me for a class or workshop.

Susan Morrison, Yoga Teacher
 I first began exploring the world of Yoga in 1999 and received my teaching certificate from The Shasta Yoga Center in early 2013. Over the years, I’ve seen how the practice of yoga has helped me to slow down and become quiet within my own body and mind. It has allowed me to more fully participate in my life and the lives of others. Yoga requires practice and patience. 

My classes focus on a number of basic poses, building and exploring as time passes. Yoga is a joyous experience that I look forward to sharing with you.







Adam Holtey, Qigong  

Adam Holtey has been teaching Qigong for almost 20 years. He began an intensive study of the practice at the age of 20, when he discovered first-hand how effective it was in overcoming his struggle with anxiety; and it provided him numerous other benefits as well, including increased flexibility, vitality, balance, mind-body coordination, creativity, focus, and so much more. Personal experience of the positive effects of Qigong filled Adam with a passion for sharing this ancient healing art with others. He began teaching his friends and family at home, and has now instructed thousands of students – across a wide range of age and experience – at many studios throughout Oregon. Adam has created his own school of practices and principles, 3-Phase Qigong, that he currently teaches at his Studio in Ashland, and at Southern Oregon University.






Maylani Maathai, Yoga Teacher

Maylani is passionate about living well. She enjoys connecting with people, plants, and communities all over the world and discovering ways we can create better lives together. She delights in rekindling the old ways in which people cared for one another and spends much of her waking hours dreaming up possibilities for the future.

Maylani has been studying bodywork and traditional medicine systems since 2010. Since completion of a 2 year Massage Therapy Program here in Oregon, she has been traveling to Thailand each year to study under Traditional Medicine Doctor & Herbal Pharmacologist, Homprang Chaleekanha M.S.. In 2015 she completed an apprenticeship with Homprang and had the honor of assisting teaching Thai Bodywork at her school, Baan Hom Samunphrai, in Northern Thailand.

Maylani considers the health of our community and environment to be inseparable from personal health. She believes that access to self-care and wellness practices should be available to all people and works to break down any barriers that stand between.  She teaches 2 weekly donation based yoga classes in Southern Oregon that contribute 100% of the donations to a different local community organization each month.